Christopher and Rachel Booth SF13 E27

This week’s show is a scorcher as Wes and co-host Chad Harlan welcome Christopher and Rachel Booth, the multitalented renaissance couple known for a host of incredible accolades including their tremendous collection of haunted relics.

The Booths share their passion for artifacts and art, what it’s like to have haunted items in the house, what they are currently focused on during the recent pandemic, and some of their favorite paranormal places to visit. The crew also tries to decide if the Booths are considered horror or paranormal and we learn who is actually wearing pants for this episode.

We also get a new celebrity announcement, have a Week in Horror history lesson, and visit with old friends Joe Lewis and FakeShemp. Wes also shares the winners of the most recent meme contest based on the SHINING.

PLUS, don’t forget to stick around for another installment of the rural murder mystery the FIFTH HOLLAR.