Chris Majors SF13 E45

The talk is all about the stars tonight as Wes and co-hoest CC Ann welcome celebrity agent, musician, and memorabilia collector Chris Majors to the show. Chris’ agency, Monster Memorabilia and Entertainment, is chalk full of media stars you’ll recognize plus cool collectibles for all of the superfans.

Chris discusses how the pandemic has affected his agency and what he has done to remain sustainable, how he became a celebrity agent, his feelings on virtual conventions, and all of the numerous other aspects of his job. Along the way he also shares a few celeb stories and even offers some roofing advice. It’s that kind of show!

In our weekly offering Joe Lewis takes a look at a SHUDDER exclusive movie and the Week in Horror gets squishy and brutal. This week also sadly sees the last Scarefest TV offering from our Aussie movie maestro Glenn but what an offering it is.

We’ll miss Glenn on the show but you can always still find him at FakeShemp and Good Movie Monday. G’Day Mate!