Chad and Wes SF12 E30

Wes tests co-host Chad Harlan’s improvisation skills on tonight’s episode and he handles it like a champ. Just prior to broadcast time, scheduled guest Bishop James Long was called to another event so Wes and Chad wing it like Goose and Maverick in a show chalk full of speaker announcements and sidebars.

First up, we learn the Tennessee Wraith Chasers will be joining Scarefest in a return visit. Wes and Chad follow up with a bevy of outstanding speakers slated to enlighten us. First announced were the Southern Gypsies, who will show us how to embrace our inner witch. The list grows with Danielle Bailey, Allen Marston, and Chris Sutton, each of whom will be sharing their insights into a variety of famous American serial killers. Spirit Mechanix will present a seminar on true hauntings versus residual hauntings. And, last but certainly not least, Chad Harlan himself, along with co-speaker Stephen Pulliam, will deliver a seminar on Kentucky Satanic Killers.

In-between announcements Wes and Chad discuss the schizophrenia of social media trolls, the negative depiction of witches, the cornucopia of serial killer topics this year, and Wes’ true feelings about residual hauntings. We might have to research stone tape theory so we can keep up on this one.