Brandon Griffith SF12 E29

What does Wes do when he hasn’t scheduled a guest for the evening? Well, he sits down to a nice chat with Scarefest co-owner Brandon Griffin. This impromptu interview not only gives us some eagerly awaited insight into this year’s upcoming Scarefest but also happens to fall on the Griffin’s date night, where “every inch counts” is the phrase to live by.

Since the Convention Center is deeply in the midst of renovation, Brandon shares the Herculean efforts being taken to make sure that the room layout makes the most effective use of the precious available space. He also gives Wes a rundown of many of the great entertainment options that are currently in brewing stages for 2019. Some of these include expanded set props from Bryce Horror FX, the return of Escape Room events, a possible gaming room for video game enthusiasts, and more “Scary-oake”. The film festival is set to be incredible this year thanks to FilmFreeway, a site that makes it easier for filmmakers to share their work to a broader audience.

Also, this year’s Scarefest will be in full swing on Friday the 13th! What amazing horrors (or delights, depending on your point of view) could this bring? Nicole Griffin hints at a few possible special events in the making. With Kane Hodder being there, how could Friday the 13th not be outstanding?!