Speaker Announcements SF12 E31

On this week’s show, Wes and Chris Sutton unveil additional speaker announcements for Scarefest XII. Scarefest is famous for having some of the best seminars in the horror convention industry and from the sounds of these speakers, the trend is going to continue. Strap in and feast your ears on these fantastic guest announcements. 
First on the docket is Bud Jenness, who will speak on infamous serial killer H.H. Holmes. The always impeccably dressed Stephanie Bingham will discuss Marie Laveau, the voodoo queen. Private investigator Suzanne McComas will try to answer the question of supernatural evil as a possible source of human atrocities. Demonologist and investigator Kyl Cobb delves into the possession of Elizabeth Knapp. Lastly, John and Stacey Edwards will discuss living with the paranormal and the dangers associated with that as well as teach us about the “pay per boo” theory.
Between announcements we learn more about Wes’ potty mouth and that Chris grows bamboo. And what show would be complete without tangent discussions about the quality of the show Ghost Bait, what constitutes actual evil, and the mindset of demons? Join us and find out!