Brandon Griffith SF13 E24

This week Wes has a cozy chat with Scarefest co-owner, and all-around workhorse, Brandon Griffith about the progress on Scarefest 13 during the pandemic era. They discuss the new neighboring entertainment complex, ideas to keep events close to the center of the action, and Brandon’s love of the Stepehen King classic, THE STAND.

Along the way, Wes and Brandon also make another great celebrity announcement. If you liked the NIGHT OF THE DEMONS movies, you’re in for a treat. Plus there’s going to be new creative contests added to the Scarefest social media pages that will definitely be worth checking out.

FakeShemp asks us to take a fresh look at a misunderstood werewolf classic, the Week in Horror tells about two wildly different films, and Joe Lewis tackles John Carpenter. Well, not really. Just his movies.

Stick around after the main broadcast and check out the second installment in the rural murder mystery series THE FIFTH HOLLAR