Brandon Griffith and 2021 Scarefest Recap SF2021 E35

Was 2021 the best Scarefest in Scarefest history? We think so and co-owner Brandon Griffith sits down with Wes this week to give his recap of Scarefest 13. No matter how hard all the wonderful Staph are and how hard they work to bring the best Scarefest yet, things will inevitably have a few bumps in the road and this year was no exception BUT the energy and flow of things were as if a huge weight was lifted from the convention and it showed.

Post mistakes lead to future success and Brandon points out that Scarefest is still growing and will only get better from here. Scarefest 13 went so well that Brandon didn’t even get threatened to be kicked in the dick! Horror fans are much better than country fans (this was discovered the weekend of Scarefest 13) but more importantly they are loyal and Wes and Brandon both discuss their appreciation for the fans and the hard-working Staph that keep the wheels working.