Zach Bales In Search of the Wildman SF 2023 E3

Are you ready to hit the blacktop? This week Wes and co-host Chad Harlan welcome Zach Bales, the Paranormal Roadtripper. Zach gave his first seminar at the 2022 Scarefest called IN SEARCH OF THE WILDMAN and he’s here to impart his cryptozoology knowledge to the SF crew.

Zach shares the story of his investigation of a Bigfoot-like creature called the Green River Monster, as well as tales of his other local investigations. We learn there are lots of cryptids in Kentucky (looking at you Dogmen). We also hear about the Bluegrass Triangle and the Paranormal Roadtrippers Nightmare Gallery in Somerset, KY.

In our regular features, we get a big celebrity announcement and Joe Lewis takes a bite out of the culinary horror thriller THE MENU starring Ralph Fiennes and Anya Taylor-Joy