William Amyerich & Christina Kieffer SF 2022 E40

Thrills and chills abound as Wes welcomes William Amyerich and Christina Kieffer from ATL Radio X, where they host a series on films, the paranormal, and music. William and Christina bring an interesting topic to Scarefest, the mysterious Men in Black. And not a Will Smith in sight.

The night starts off discussing where these strange men dressed all in black are aliens or a government agency but quickly moves into a conversation about cryptids and more otherworldly topics ranging from Bigfoot to the Mothman to odd sightings in Hellier, Kentucky. Exactly how many alien species do we acknowledge? Be sure to check out William and Christina at ATL Radio X at ATLRADIOX.COM.

In our weekly feature, Joe Lewis turns back the hands of time to give us his review of the 2015 Christmas horror film KRAMPUS starring Adam Scott and Toni Collette.