Stephanie Bingham SF 2022 E35

The cryptids are wild this week as Wes and Chad Harlan host medium and paranormal researcher Stephanie Bingham. Stephanie presented When Monsters Attack: Exploring the Strange History of Cryptids in Kentucky for our Scarefest convention goers and she has some wild stories to share.

Stephanie discusses a little bit of what she knows about cryptozoology, tells what drew her into the paranormal side of history, and shares her most surprising story. It’s a doozy. How can a show go wrong when your topics include the Pope Lick Monster and mermaids in the Ohio River valley, and asks the question of why there are so many stories tied to caves in Kentucky?

Plus, you’ll want to stick around for Joe Lewis’ insightful analysis of the 2022 remake of the horror classic HELLRAISER. Proceed with caution, this review just might tear your soul apart.