Some notes about our Name Plate Belts

Below we have addressed some of the most frequent questions about our Name Plate Belts.

We size our belts from the buckle end (not counting the buckle) to the tightest hole. By ordering the true waist size this method of measurement generally makes the belt fit in one of the middle holes allowing you a little room either direction.

Men’s belts are usually easy. If a guy wears 34″ pants order him a size 34 belt. The only accommodation you normally might need to make is for any over-size buckle they may want to put on the belt or if they wear “slim cut”.

Women’s and children’s belts tend to be a little trickier as different manufacturers will “tinker” with the sizing a little.

For women the following is considered a “classic fit”:

sizes 1-2 take a 24″ belt
sizes 3-4 take a 26″ belt
sizes 4-6 take a 28″ belt
sizes 7-9 take a 30″ belt
sizes 10-12 take a 32″ belt
sizes 13-14 take a 34″ belt
sizes 15-16 take a 36″ belt
sizes 18-19 take a 38″ belt
sizes 20-21 take a 40″ belt
size 22 takes a 42″ belt

For boys jeans the following is considered a “classic fit”

sizes 1-2 take a 20″ belt
sizes 2-5 take a 22″ belt
sizes 6-8 take a 24″ belt
sizes 9-12 take a 26″ belt
sizes 13-16 take a 28″ belt

For girls jeans the following is considered a “classic fit”

sizes 4-5 take a 20″ belt
sizes 6-7 take a 22″ belt
sizes 8-10 take a 24″ belt
sizes 11-14 take a 26″ belt

If all else fails and you want to be sure, the solution is pretty simple. Take a belt that fits the person and measure the leather part of the belt from the buckle end (not counting the buckle) to the tightest hole of the belt. If the belt has more than 5 or 6 holes punched just measure to the fifth hole from the tip end. Alternately, measure from the buckle end (not counting the buckle) to the hole they are wearing it in and then subtract two inches.

We make upwards of a thousand belts every year, but once in a while (our best estimate is 3% of the time), using our “pants size” method of sizing will not work for any number of reasons. Please understand that we do not have anything to gain by selling you the wrong size belt, and we are willing to make your belt ANY size that YOU order…but essentially we have two choices: First, we can continue recommending our current sizing method and expect a return rate of about 3% OR we can come up with another method and risk a return rate of 97%. Our method is imperfect, but it is all we have.

If the belt you order does not fit exactly like it should, you can return it to us for a replacement for only $8.50 to cover our shipping & handling costs. Simply return the belt to

C&W Western Horse
58 Peak Lane
Cynthiana, KY 41031

Please enclose $8.50 (cash, check, money order), and be sure to include your instructions (i.e. “belt needs to be 2″ longer.”) and if possible a copy of your receipt or packing list. Call 1-859-234-9905 if you need more information.

We frequently get emails asking us for pictures of our chocolate versus our chestnut or our stitched version versus our creased version.

There are two problems with the illustrations of the colors.

The first has to do with the difference in computer monitors. On my screen the below picture shows the color difference accurately and vividly. On yours…I have no idea what they look like.

The second is that since we are dealing with COWS here, different hides will vary a shade or two. There is frequently even a noticeable difference in different areas of the same hide.

For the record though, the top belt and the one on the right are chestnut. Chestnut is best described as a shade of burgundy, usually a light burgundy.

The left belt is chocolate. Those hides range from medium brown to dark brown, but usually dark.

The belt on the right is creased. The other two are stitched.