Mike Ricksecker SF13 E18

This week’s show sees Coyote Chris Sutton in solo action in the first half speaking with Mike Ricksecker, author, paranormal investigator, and ghostorian. Ghostorian, awesome word, right?

Chris and Mike discuss Mike’s work on the Travel Channel show The Alaskan Triangle, his theories behind the supernatural phenomenon in Alaska, along with a dash of Shadow People and even a cryptid or two. If you want to know more you can check Mike out at mikericksecker.com or Haunted Road Media on Facebook.

In the second half, Wes brings us 6 celebrity announcements for Scarefest 13. We don’t want to give away any spoilers but several of them are from an iconic 1978 horror movie that involves one our most cherished, iconic serial killers.

Also we enjoy regular segments with Joe Lewis, Glenn Cochrane, and Trailer Nation. Plus this week in horror history celebrates ARMY OF DARKNESS!