John Kassir SF 2022 E13

Strap into your seats “boils” and “ghouls” because this week Wes and Chad Harlan welcome the one and only John Kassir, the unforgettable voice behind the iconic host of TALES FROM THE CRYPT, the Crypt Keeper, as well as tons of other extraordinary voice work and recognizable media roles.

John talks about what he’s been up to recently, his passion for practical effects, his appearances on Star Search back in the 1980’s, his love for the theremin, and the excitement of having a career that spans 42 years. And no John Kassir interview could be complete without a little talk about TALES FROM THE CRYPT. Plus, we learn about Kentucky’s two seasons, Mud season and Mosquito season.

In our regular features, Joe Lewis sheds some light on psychological horror film THE NIGHT HOUSE, showing on HBO Max.