Brandy Green SF13 E14

Tonight Brandy Green, former investigator for Ghost Hunters International, joins Wes and cohost Chris Sutton in a first time Scarefest TV experiment where Wes takes the backseat while Chris solos the entire interview. Do wacky hijinks ensue? You’ll have to see for yourself.

Brandy discusses her background in the paranormal and her views on current paranormal television. Having traveled all over the world, she also gives some insight on the dangers of international investigations and places that have truly stuck with her We also find out about her enthusiasm for cooking and the comic book she has written called DARK DISPATCHES. Check out her website and various social media pages for more info.

We also get a healthy does of weekly regulars from Glenn at FakeShemp, Joe Lewis, the Week in Horror History, and a truly surreal segment with Billy Crank. Don’t miss this one!