Brandon Griffith SF13 E19

This week Wes sits down for a cozy chat with Brandon Griffith, Scarefest co-owner and scholar of many things horror and paranormal related, with the focus on the progress being made toward Scarefest 13.

Brandon discusses how the work on the Convention center is shaping up, ideas for improving events like the VIP party, and booking guests thematically so they tie together well. An example being this week’s announcements of several celebrities involved with the Hellraiser franchise. No spoilers but it builds to a HUGE announcement! (His name rhymes with Jive)

In our regular features, we get a visit from a cranky Joe Lewis as well as Trailer Nation. FakeShemp brings us some found footage awesomeness. Also, don’t forget to check out Glenn’s new show, Good Movie Monday.

Lastly, we’ll get more ax throwing this year. Oh yeah!!!