2020 Weirdness Review with John & Stacey Edwards 2021 E1

Scarefest kicks off the New Year in high gear as Wes welcomes podcasting phenoms John and Stacey Edwards to the show. Spoiler alert, this is an extended length episode that’s jam packed with weirdness only Wes, John, and Stacey could bring to the table.

John and Stacey present many of 2020’s most unusual, unearthly, and mysterious stories. Topics range from the official acknowledgment of UFOs to baffling monolith sightings, found treasure, witch bottles. and so much more. Plus we learn about some really interesting Federal job opportunities.

Even the regular features are jam packed as Joe Lewis gives a deep insight into THE LODGE, Dick Pinkerton drops some Ted Bundy lore, and Cliff Stone talks fetish demons and satanic Christmas letters.