Josh Heard SF13 E26

Chris Sutton takes the helm this week for the first half of the show as he sits down with Josh Heard, paranormal investigator, author, musician and filmmaker.

Even through the pandemic, Josh has been staying busy with interviews and writing but he sits down with us to talk about his first paranormal experience at a young age and what brought him to the field. Josh is the owner of the haunted Malvern manor and he talks about the experiment he did with the manor and the Sally house for his film Brush of Evil 3. Josh has had many experiences inside the Malvern manor and he takes us through one involving a haunted doll.

Wes takes over the second half of the hour beginning with a tribute to Scarefest founder Chuck Star followed by the winners of the Scarefest quarantine contagion mask contest. Stick around after all the fun for an entertaining short film, Little Smokies.