Brian J Cano SF13 E41

Chris Sutton takes the captain’s chair tonight as he welcomes paranormal investigator and all around great guy Brian J Cano. Cano has been featured on several paranormal shows such as HAUNTED COLLECTOR and PARANORMAL CAUGHT ON CAMERA.

Chris and Brian wax poetic on some of Brian’s favorite sights to investigate, the importance of evolving as an investigator, and how he became involved with PARANORMAL CAUGhT ON CAMERA. Brian also discusses many of the projects that his Patreon page funds. For more information on Brian, check out his website at

In our regular features Glenn gives us a creepy drive-in feature, Dick Pinkerton returns with a British serial killer, and Joe Lewis goes kid friendly with a review of THE ADDAMS FAMILY.

Wes also shares a thrilling trailer for the short film THAT OLD MISERY that promises plenty of chills.