Dowsing Rod Holster

Wes came up with this simple idea while he was stumbling about Waverly Hills a couple of years ago, trying to carry several cameras and various other gadgetry. Basically, he kept dropping his dowsing rods every time I turned around.

Even when he wasn’t packing around more equipment than is used by your average telephone lineman, there was always the issue of how to keep the rods together and protected during transport and storage. Since he owned a leather shop, this seemed like a natural solution. Once he got around to making a couple of prototypes and started carrying his rods in the case, people started asking him to make them one too. Finally, he decided to see if there is a market for them.

The cases are made of high quality English style strap leather. This is the leather that they make horse equipment out of. It is heavy weight and durable. Pictured are the chestnut color and the black that is so darned popular with ghost hunter types.

The design includes two D rings: one located at each end. This is so you can attach a strap and carry the rods over your shoulder. All you need is a spare camera strap (and no self-respecting ghost hunter does not have a few of those laying about). The ends are tapered to a point. We found that this “slotted” design keeps the rods from swinging around quite so much.

The scabbard can easily accommodate several pairs of rods at once. We haven’t really tested it to see exactly how many will fit in it, but psychic Teri Page has been known to carry 2 or 3 pairs in hers of various lengths. The lower picture illustrates how a 24″ set of rods fit in the 24″ version.

We offer several lengths of course to accommodate different rod sizes. We suggest buying the size that best fits your longest dowsing rods as the shorter rods fit in the longer case much better than the other way around.

$25 any size
dowsing rods not included

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.
Continental United States only. Shipping charges are $8.50 per Gift Shop combined order unless otherwise specified.