Join the Scarefest Radio Content Team

Scarefest Radio has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a monthly segment on another podcast.

  • Our first evolution was to go to a weekly audio format concentrating on interviews with the guests and staph (staff) members of the Scarefest.
  • Our second evolution was to launch the video platform and expand our interviews beyond the usual Scarefest guest list.
  • Now we are ready to move into our THIRD evolution…

We want to change from an interview driven format to a content driven format.

From show host, Wes Forsythe:

“When I was approached to move the show to a video format, one of my conditions was that we would match the guest list to the interests of our audience. Scarefest is a horror convention first and a paranormal convention second. We estimate that 80-90% of the fans that buy tickets are there for the horror and related celebrities and attractions. I say this despite my own background in paranormal research and podcasting.”

“It makes no sense to me to load the show down with paranormal content when our target audience is interested in so many other aspects of the horror community not to mention cryptozoology, cosplay, ufology, weird history, and even pop culture. Scarefest is second to none in combining and accommodating these interests but the podcast market is flooded with paranormal podcasts. I wanted the show’s content to reflect this in 2019 and I failed to make it happen.”

The problem has always been that it is hard to book high profile guests to Scarefest Radio because everyone expects their appearance on the show to be tied to an appearance at the convention. So we are going to take the show to the fans and expand beyond the interview format. We are going to invite the fans of the Scarefest to become part of Scarefest…Television.

What We Are Looking For…

  • News Segments
  • Makeup and Makeup Effect and Costume Construction Segments
  • Movie Reviews
  • Psychic stuff
  • Co-Hosts
  • Convention Reporters
  • Paranormal Segments
  • Horror Short Films

News Segments: We are looking for video news segments with stories from horror, paranormal, or any of the other genres we cater to. Segments should be short (one to two minutes) and include any acknowledgements and sources.

Side note: Elvira? Joe Bob? Svengoolie? All characters created essentially to give an edge to what is being said. We think it would be awesome to have our own “mascots” to do our news and other segments. Create your own character and let us make you famous!

Makeup and Costume Segments: We see a lot of you posting your own makeup and horror makeup effect videos plus some great costume ideas. We wish we could just steal them and use them but we can’t because that would be wrong. We have to have YOU submit YOUR video. Segments can run from one minute to 15 minutes. The shorter the better. We are more likely to re-run shorter segments but longer segments are welcome when the subject matter requires it.

Movie Reviews: We love to have horror movie reviews from actual horror movie fans. Review segments should be kept as short as possible (less than 5 minutes tops). The sweet spot is one to two minutes. We will also post written movie reviews on our website if being on camera is not your thing. The rules? Because The Scarefest still might want to book some of the celebrities that you will be talking about, please be respectful. We don’t expect you to be easy on a movie that you hate, but we do require that you be nice about it.

Psychic Stuff: Do you do Tarot Card Readings? Astrology? Just pull stuff out of thin air? We can use these too! We still ask that they be short (one to two minutes) and decently produced (not just some cell phone video of you shuffling cards). Got ideas or questions? We will help. These segments may be shifted to our Mystical TV or other similar projects.

Co-Hosts: We are still accepting auditions for co-host spots (but are not actively looking).

  • Co-hosts may appear on the show as often as once a month depending on our schedule and their expertise.
  • Co-hosts must be able to think on their feet. While we encourage doing a little research we can tell if you are just reading questions from a list.
  • We mostly need people that know their way around a horror movie as we are trying to get away from so much paranormal content.
  • Female applicants have a slight advantage simply because there are too many dudes on here.
  • Co-hosts must have reliable, fast internet. If your data usage is a problem please do not apply (we tried that once).
  • The quickest way to lose your co-host position is to schedule to do an episode and then cancel at the last minute or worse, not show up at all.
  • But even if you have never done a podcast before, we can recognize talent and enthusiasm. If you are willing to listen, we are able to train you to be a better host.

Convention Reporters: Every year at Scarefest I see a hundred people walking around with camcorders and microphones recording segments for god-knows-what. I know some of you are doing these for specific websites, but I suspect even more of you are doing it free lance and posting it on your YouTube or Facebook pages. Let us make you famous.

Paranormal Segments: What are we looking for? CLICK HERE.

Horror Short Films: What happens to your short film after the Film Festivals are over? Most end up buried in Youtube and are forgotten except when you are filling in your bio. Scarefest Radio would like to breath some new life into these old shorts. Submit your horror short film to us and if we like it, we will include it in an episode of Scarefest Television PLUS, if you’re interested, we will have you on for an interview.

What if you already have your own podcast or YouTube type channel? Feel free to plug it in your content. As long as you own the rights to your content and give us permission to use it (implied by your submission) it doesn’t even have to be exclusive to our show (although exclusive content will be given priority).

Our plan is to incorporate the segments as “filler” during the course of our usual Friday night shows. Shorter segments are more likely to be repeated on multiple episodes. This will give us more flexibility to do short live interviews with celebrities when that is our only option to get them on the show.

How to record your video? Just set up your webcam (preferred) or phone and start recording. The better the video quality, the better the segment. But you don’t have to do a bunch of editing unless that is your thing. We will do basic editing and intros and outros as required. The higher the production values the more likely we are to use (and reuse) your video. The audio has to be clear. The lighting should be good. And the background should either be clean and simple or alternately highly appropriate. A good quality green screen backdrop is a great investment.

Video should be submitted in no less than 480p quality video (720p or 1080p preferred). You can upload the video to YouTube, Google Drive, or any other number of video storage outlets for us to access. We will even download them from Facebook as long as it is on YOUR Facebook account. We will NOT accept video submissions via email or private message (other than to give us the download link).

What’s in it for you? If we regularly use your content (or you are added as a co-host) you will be added to our Team Page. This gives you full media credibility and access including a Media Pass to the following Scarefest Expo. Also because you are publicly listed you can credibly request media passes from any other conventions around the country you might attend.

If you have any questions or segment ideas of your own, do not hesitate to contact us. You can find Wes on Facebook and Twitter, join the Facebook Scarefest Television Content Group or email us at