Paranormal Segments Wanted

With so many paranormal teams creating finished content for posting on YouTube and Facebook, we thought it would be a great idea to bring those creators into the Scarefest Radio content realm.

We simply want segments dedicated to a single haunted location…15 minute documentaries if you will. The object of the segment should be to promote the location first and the paranormal investigators second.

Videos must promote locations that can either be toured or investigated by the public. We will require that every spot include at least a brief history of the location either narrated or by interviews. We would also like some “b-role” type footage included as a virtual tour of the location. This can be accomplished either with a video walk-through or even a slide show. And finally we want to see and hear some of the evidence collected at the location. This can be in the form of video, audio, or still photos. Any videos relying on “orb” evidence will be automatically rejected. Videos must include the location contact information of course. The producing team or person is welcome to tag their own contact information on the video as well.

We do not require exclusivity. We just need the content links submitted directly via email so that we know that we have permission to use the content. And of course all content in the video must be original or at least used with proper permissions. NO COPYRIGHTED MUSIC CAN BE INCLUDED.

The videos can be simple or fully produced. The quality of the content matters most to us.

We do not have the time to edit or compile these segments. We need finished video. Videos can be uploaded to any sharing service but two of the most common and easiest to use use are YouTube (just upload the video as private) and Google Drive. 720 dpi resolution is a good standard but may be lower or higher as available.

Approved segments will be used in rotation in upcoming live episodes of Scarefest Television. High quality segments may be used more than once.