Win Passes



During each* LIVE episode of Scarefest Radio we will be giving away at least one weekend pass to a lucky listener.

*Assuming we don’t forget.

There will be different avenues for winning the pass as announced. At the beginning of the episode we will tell you how we will be choosing the winner. Then, later in the episode we will release that night’s specific requirements. Usually we will give away the pass via social media. Other times we may hold an actual contest. Still other times you may be invited to call in. You just won’t know unless you listen!

After the winner is announced, they will be asked to provide the necessary contact information so that their pass receipt can be EMAILED to them during the course of the radio season. If any winners have not gotten their email as The Scarefest approaches they should contact .

Limit one winner per person or per social media account as applicable. Contest requirements are stated clearly during the contest. Judge’s decisions are based on the results as they appear in “real time” via their own chosen social media interface. Understand that different interfaces (phone app versus web browser) may produce variations. This cannot be helped nor avoided.

  1. Bethany Inman (Twitter)
  2. Scotty O’Quinn (Facebook)
  3. Jake Godbold (Facebook)
  4. Scott Wasilewski (Facebook)
  5. No Winner
  6. Raven Gillians (Twitter)
  7. James Harriman (Facebook)
  8. Melanie Preston (Twitter)
  9. Foster Thornberry (Facebook)
  10. Dusty Thornsburg (Twitter)
  11. Pamela Mobley-Preston (Facebook)
  12. Braden Preston (Twitter)
  13. Olive Messer (Twitter)
  14. Bransen Gully (Facebook)
    Christopher Preston (Facebook)
  15. Kaity Ralston (Facebook)
    Mandy Ramey (Facebook)
  16. Amber Damos (Twitter)
  17. No Winner
  18. Eric Murphy (Facebook)
  19. Kelly Apockylypse (Twitter)
  20. Amy Burton (Facebook)
  21. Tracey Courtney (Facebook)
  22. No Winner
  23. Sandy Alvarez (Facebook)
  24. Emily Unthank (Facebook)
  25. Joshua Augur Buckland (Facebook)
  26. Katy Bacon (Facebook)
  27. Robin Gillians (Twitter)
  28. Carl Courtney (Facebook)
  29. No Winner
  30. No Winner
  31. No contest
  32. No contest
  33. No Winner